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You spend a lifetime saving for your family to make sure they are protected and secure. We understand that building wealth is just one step on your journey to financial independence, assuring a secure retirement, as well as establishing a legacy for future generations.

We are there to help build and strengthen your choices every step of the way. Taking a multigenerational approach, we embrace planning that continues even after you are gone. Your concerns will be preserved and protected for your grandchildren and your great grandchildren.

Here are a few tools we use to help you:

Financial Profiles*

What if …? We can visually show the impact of various alternatives in your planning. What if I want to retire early? Save less? Save more? Buy a second home? Give to my children? Once we’ve selected a current path, we can continue to track year to year to see if we are on track, ahead or falling behind. We can also continuously do what-if scenarios and update your plan if you have new ideas.

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You may know how volatile one of your holdings is, but do you know how it adds or moderates your overall portfolio? We can do that. We use a specialized program to measure the impact of each security working in concert with your whole portfolio. We can also test portfolios to see if they are getting the best return for the level of risk that you choose.


It’s all about understanding what the data means for you. Morningstar’s visuals allow us to show you your portfolios in various scenarios. How volatile was your portfolio in the first month of Covid? Are your funds still performing well compared to other funds? Do your holdings have manager turnover, low fees, good management? You may not want to go into this level of detail for your holdings, but I bet you are glad that we do.

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