Preserving Wealth Through Generations


If you thought navigating the tax, risk and investment choices were tough while building your retirement nest egg, just wait until you begin using that money in retirement. Did you know that retirement works the opposite of dollar cost averaging? Withdrawals from the wrong place at the wrong time can be costly. We are there to help you:

  • Know where to pull your money from
  • Use the best tax strategy in using the money
  • Adjust your risk based on current cash flow needs and longer-term need
  • Arrange the best way to have money get to your checking account

Estate Planning

Some assets are really good to use during your lifetime. Others are great to leave to your family. We can help you understand if a trust would be helpful, what assets work well to go by titling or beneficiary and which you should consider having go through your estate or into trust.

You worked a lifetime accumulating these assets, make sure you have the same attention to detail in getting them to the people you love.

Charitable Planning

Some assets are ideal for charitable giving. If taxes are a consideration (and really, when aren’t they?), then choosing the right assets and method of gifting can benefit both you and the charity you want to help. Let’s have a conversation and see if we can help your philanthropic dollars go further.

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